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On Sunday September 17th we will gather to learn about what it means to be a community in which everyone feels emotionally, physically, and spiritually safe.
The diocese requires everyone in positions of responsibility in our parishes to watch a video, which is specifically about avoiding any kind of abusive or unsafe behaviour in our churches. But a safe church is more than one in which those in charge are aware of the dangers associated with abuse (as important as that is).
A safe church is one in which EVERYONE feels respected, EVERYONE feels they have a voice, EVERYONE feels that they can be themselves, where EACH PERSON can be vulnerable when it is appropriate.
It is our hope that St. Peter’s can become more of a model of a respectful, healthy, vibrant, and welcoming community. We encourage everyone in the parish to come at 10 a.m. on September 17th to break bread together and to come together in spirit.