Education for Ministry (EfM) is 4 Year academic course.  

  • the first year investigates the Hebrew Bible; the second year follows the New Testament; the third year considers the Christian history and the fourth year looks at Christian ethics and philosophy
  • The course is mentored locally in small groups. It is not a Bible study. Each person brings their own experience to the course.  
  • Each year costs $350 with an additional cost for books
  • Each year is mentored over 36 weeks, typically a school year.
  • The group of six to twelve mutally agrees as to the time and place for meetings.
  • A person joins anywhere in the four year cycle (A B C D) but in the sequence 1 to 4.
  • The sessions comprise a set reading with discussion on it, then a more in depth development of a theme arising from the previous discussion.
  • There is both seriousness and laughter. 

For more information, contact the Parish Administrator who will put you in touch with the Team Leader.