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My dear friend the Rev. Joy Rogers offers this reflection:  As our life with COVID continues, some of us may need some alternatives or additions to our Sunday Zoom liturgy. It might help to have some resources to enrich our prayer and worship life at home.In the church of the first century, there are allusions to the agape feast, the love feast, a communal meal shared by Christians, that may have been associated with the Eucharist, but distinct from it. In modern times the Love feast refers to a Christian ritual meal distinct from the Lord's Supper – a gathering that seeks to strengthen the bonds and the spirit of harmony, goodwill, and congeniality, as well as to forgive past disputes and call us to love one another. Some congregations share the agape meal on Maundy Thursday, after the Eucharist and there are provisions for it in our Book of Occasional Services, as well as the note that it can be done in a home.In this pandemic time of social distancing and separation from each other and from the sacramental life of the church, the Agape meal may offer families and their children a ritual that is not a Eucharist, but uses its familiar elements as part of a special meal, perhaps Sunday lunch or dinner. No clergy required, just members of a household. The faithful could have an experience with the significant symbols of Christian faith, surrounded by family and filled with prayer and love and food.  Attachment below.