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The following updates have been made to the diocesan guidance and protocols for parish use:

Masks, hand sanitizing and social distancing continue to be recommended by BC public health officials in all indoor settings. Social distancing is also recommended in outdoor settings.  


Because the risk of spread through surface contamination is low, hymnals and prayer books may be used for worship services. Read more


Indoor social activities including but not limited to coffee hours, potlucks, congregational church dinners, tea or meals at bazaars etc. are not yet permitted.  

Small meals or food service at meetings for groups of no more than ten as per provincial guidelines (committees, bible studies, training programs etc.) may proceed under the following conditions:

a) All attendees must be double vaccinated.

b) No one should attend who is experiencing symptoms of COVID or who have had possible exposure. Read more

c) Masks, sanitizing and social distancing for all in attendance.

d) Use tables for meals that are large enough to allow spacing of participants. 

e) All participants should be informed of protocols ahead of time and all must agree and be comfortable with those protocols. 

f) Participants should bring their own food. Potluck meals should not occur.

g) Masks should only be removed once people are seated.

h) A record of attendance should be kept. Please use safe practice and common sense when planning these events.  


Children are always welcome in worship. Please continue to provide support so that children may be in worship with their family group.  At this time, large group activities such as Messy Church are not recommended. Sunday school and other small group activities for children may be offered under the following conditions: 

a) No one should attend who is experiencing symptoms of COVID or who have had possible exposure. Read more

b) All church school leaders must be double vaccinated, and all must wear masks and practice distancing and hand sanitizing.

c) To be consistent with provincial guidelines, children must wear masks and be encouraged to practice sanitizing and social distancing. These are the same hygiene practices as in schools. These guidelines should be comfortable and familiar for all school age children and should be adopted as the church standard. Read more

d)  If outside, masks are not required.

e) A record of attendance should be kept.   

Download a print-friendly copy of this update below.