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  • Our parish is a member of the Peninsula Co-op.  Duncan has 2 locations: 1007 Canada Ave and 281 Trans Canada Hwy.
  • When you buy gas, use the car wash, or buy groceries at a Co-op store and use the Parish Membership Number 132326 a portion of Peninsula Co-op’s profits are returned back to the Parish.
  • Please consider making purchases at Peninsula Co-op as you’ll be supporting a local business and your parish at the same time


  • St. Peter’s collects ALL returnable drink boxes, pop cans, wine and other glass bottles which have had a deposit paid on them.
  • The empties can be put in the containers on the landing at the north hall door and they will be taken to the Island Return-It with the money credited to St. Peter’s account.
  • As an alternative, you can take your empties to the Return-It (6476 Norcross Rd) and ask for them to be credited to the Church account.