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Have you ever wondered about our Anglican tradition? Why we are the “people of the middle way”. Why we do what we do in our Services? Where did that Baptismal Covenant come from? OR perhaps just to ask questions about the WHO, WHAT, WHERE and WHY?

Rev MJ will be facilitating an INQUIRERS’ CLASS and she welcomes your participation. The focus in this class is on “real questions for a real faith,” with special attention to the question of what it means to be an Anglican.  This class is for anyone who is interested in learning a little more about The Anglican Church and our heritage, as well as for anyone who wants to delve more deeply into the Christian way of life.  Any adult who wishes to be confirmed, reaffirmed, or formally received into The Anglican Church should attend these classes; however, many long-time Anglicans might like to attend as a refresher, or as a way to sort through some of the questions of faith that are common to many of us.

Classes start on Wednesday October 23 at 1:30 p.m. in the Hall and will continue until December 11th. Please note there will be no class on November 13th and 20th.  To register, please contact the Parish Administrator.