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Our Seventh Circuit Labyrinth is open 24/7 for ALL to explore. It is constructed in the grassy area outside the Parish Office entrance in the lower field. The goal in walking the labyrinth is to center oneself

Known benefits for walking the Labyrinth:

  • gives one the opportunity to come closer to yourself, your community and your journey
  • a valuable reflective practice which can help to release creativity, prompt memory, and integrate loss
  • helps one to slow down, look within and seek balance in your life. 
  • connecting oneself to the natural world and with a higher power.  By so connecting, one may feel more empowered to continue along their journey.  

The Path of the Pilgrimage

Pilgrims are persons in motion - passing through territories not their own - seeking something we might call completion, or perhaps clarity will do as well, a goal to which only the spirit's compass points the way.

- RICHARD NIEBURH, Pilgrims and Pioneers