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The PWRDF’s World of Gifts Catalogue creates opportunities for people around the world and in Canada. If you have family members who have no great needs and request no gift, then they may be delighted if you gave a PWRDF gift in their name. Choose from 29 gifts supporting:

  • clean water - the most important resource of all in development aid work is WATER.  Your gift of $60 will provide a water tank for a family to keep clean water close at hand.
  • personal protective equipment (the Canadian government will match funds 6:1 for PPEs to prevent spread of Covid-19)·      
  • food security (a single goat provides enough milk for any family) - 1 Goat is $80, 2 are $125, 3 are $170.·      
  • Indigenous communities – your gift of $50 supports Indigenous youth in business.

To view the World of Gifts catalogue, click this link or download the PDF file below.